ISO9001 ISO14001 ISO/TS16949 AS9100 Lean 5ส KPI PDCA KAIZEN Why-Why Analysis QC-7 Tools Job Instruction (TWI-JI) Job Method (TWI-JM) Job Relations (TWI-JR) 7 Wastes Visual Management QCC MBO TQM TPM MSA SPC APQP FMEA PPAP

การลดความสูญเปล่า 7+1 ประการ (7+1 Wastes Reduction)

เทคนิคการตรวจประเมิน 5ส (สำหรับคณะกรรมการและหัวหน้าโซน)

การสร้างทีมและกิจกรรมWalk rally(Team building & Walk rally)

การออกแบบการทดลอง Design of Experiment : DOE

การบำรุงรักษาทวีผลแบบทุกคนมีส่วนร่วม Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) (3 step,4 Pillar) ทฤษฎี + ปฏิบัติ 3 วัน

การวิเคราะห์ข้อบกพร่องและผลกระทบของกระบวนการและแผนควบคุม Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (PFMEA) 4th &Control Plan ( 1วัน )

การวิเคราะห์งานเพื่อความปลอดภัย (Job Safety Analysis) JSA

อบรม ฝึกอบรม Training อบรมสัมมนา หลักสูตรอบรม สถาบันฝึกอบรม อบรมISO In-house Training ISO9001 ISO14001 TS16949

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Lean Consulting overview


Out line


1.Project  preparation

(WS VSM Preparation)

- Greeting team

- Introduction Company Profile & Over view

- Establish Lean organization

- Change management &Lean concept

- Lean deployment & Goal

- Lean manufacturing system strategy

1 Day

2.Project launch lecture

- Lean house & historical

- List and define five steps of lean

- List the eight types of waste and how to correct them

- Differentiate value-non value added

- Work shop ; Waste hunting & Quick WIN

- Quantitatively assess your organization’s lean readiness

- Work shop ; Lean assessment

1 Day

3.Presentation and Discussion of guided reading

- Lean assessment result discussion

- Determine product families that share common processes (PQ&PP)

- Value stream selection

- Lean success case sharing (Step by step)

1 Day

4.Introduction to lean thinking in process industry course

- Training Lean manufacturing concept & overview

- Toyota way

- JIT and Jidoka concept

1 Day

5.Workshop “Value stream mapping”

- VSM current & Future state and workshop

- VSM Training class

- Define TOC and VSM work shop

- Determine kaizen burst  & lean tools

2 Days

6. Elaboration of the implementation plan and A3

- A3 Training Process management

- Create master & sub A3 report

1 Day

7.A3 report signature

- Team review all A3 report  and discuss the action log improvement plan

- Project agreement & Kick off

1 Day

8.Quick change over

- SMED Training (Introduction, Preparation , Separate Internal and External Work, Convert External, Streamline, Standard work)

- To identify pilot machine(Refer from VSM strategy)

- Jishuken SMED

2 Days

9.Pull system & leveling support

- Define a Pull System & leveling

- Communicate the advantages of a Pull System.

- Capacity analysis

- Kanban concept & calculation 

- Run line calculation

- Work shop design and implement Pull System

2 Days

10.Lean leadership for managers


- Change management & paradigms

- Lean Management and the Role of Lean Leadership

- Management support functions

1 Day

11.Standardized work

- Standardized Work & Job Instruction Overview

- Work shop

- Job breakdown sheet

- Job instruction metrology

- Standard work sheet

- Standardized Work Training Matrix

2 Days

12.Kaizen & Problem solving method

- Kaizen concept & implementation

- How to success kaizen activity

- Understand the purpose and process of problem solving.

- Apply Systems Thinking and Problem Solving Tools to Lean Initiatives (Problem solving step)

- Others to support kaizen activity

2 Days

13.Internal lean logistics :making materials flow

- Lean logistics concept

- Cellular Manufacturing techniques.

- PFEP (plan for every part)

2 Days

14.Daily management

- Visual control-display and management.

- Daily management concept.

- Process design for shop floor management

2 Days

Lean training-Management team

- Lean overview & thinking for management level.

1 Day

Implementation support – visit (total 22day)

- Consult & status follow up.

- Implement action log according to overall projects.

- Coaching and confirm direction of project

22 Days

Audit (2)

- Audit the effective of lean tools implementation

- Actual & Target comparison / Gap analysis

2 Days

Result evaluation and next step planning

- Celebration team

- Next step for lean enterprise

1 Day