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Kaizen by Small Group Activity

TRAINING WITHIN INDUSTRY (TWI) Job Method (JM) วิธีปรับปรุงงาน

การควบคุมกระบวนการด้วยสถิติ STATISTICAL PROCESS CONTROL (SPC) 2nd Edition สำหรับผู้มีความรู้ทางสถิติ (1วัน)

การควบคุมกระบวนการด้วยสถิติ STATISTICAL PROCESS CONTROL (SPC) 2nd Edition สำหรับผู้เริ่มต้น (2วัน)

การทำงานอย่างชาญฉลาด (Working Smart)

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Lean Consulting overview


Out line


1.Project  preparation

(WS VSM Preparation)

- Greeting team

- Introduction Company Profile & Over view

- Establish Lean organization

- Change management &Lean concept

- Lean deployment & Goal

- Lean manufacturing system strategy

1 Day

2.Project launch lecture

- Lean house & historical

- List and define five steps of lean

- List the eight types of waste and how to correct them

- Differentiate value-non value added

- Work shop ; Waste hunting & Quick WIN

- Quantitatively assess your organization’s lean readiness

- Work shop ; Lean assessment

1 Day

3.Presentation and Discussion of guided reading

- Lean assessment result discussion

- Determine product families that share common processes (PQ&PP)

- Value stream selection

- Lean success case sharing (Step by step)

1 Day

4.Introduction to lean thinking in process industry course

- Training Lean manufacturing concept & overview

- Toyota way

- JIT and Jidoka concept

1 Day

5.Workshop “Value stream mapping”

- VSM current & Future state and workshop

- VSM Training class

- Define TOC and VSM work shop

- Determine kaizen burst  & lean tools

2 Days

6. Elaboration of the implementation plan and A3

- A3 Training Process management

- Create master & sub A3 report

1 Day

7.A3 report signature

- Team review all A3 report  and discuss the action log improvement plan

- Project agreement & Kick off

1 Day

8.Quick change over

- SMED Training (Introduction, Preparation , Separate Internal and External Work, Convert External, Streamline, Standard work)

- To identify pilot machine(Refer from VSM strategy)

- Jishuken SMED

2 Days

9.Pull system & leveling support

- Define a Pull System & leveling

- Communicate the advantages of a Pull System.

- Capacity analysis

- Kanban concept & calculation 

- Run line calculation

- Work shop design and implement Pull System

2 Days

10.Lean leadership for managers


- Change management & paradigms

- Lean Management and the Role of Lean Leadership

- Management support functions

1 Day

11.Standardized work

- Standardized Work & Job Instruction Overview

- Work shop

- Job breakdown sheet

- Job instruction metrology

- Standard work sheet

- Standardized Work Training Matrix

2 Days

12.Kaizen & Problem solving method

- Kaizen concept & implementation

- How to success kaizen activity

- Understand the purpose and process of problem solving.

- Apply Systems Thinking and Problem Solving Tools to Lean Initiatives (Problem solving step)

- Others to support kaizen activity

2 Days

13.Internal lean logistics :making materials flow

- Lean logistics concept

- Cellular Manufacturing techniques.

- PFEP (plan for every part)

2 Days

14.Daily management

- Visual control-display and management.

- Daily management concept.

- Process design for shop floor management

2 Days

Lean training-Management team

- Lean overview & thinking for management level.

1 Day

Implementation support – visit (total 22day)

- Consult & status follow up.

- Implement action log according to overall projects.

- Coaching and confirm direction of project

22 Days

Audit (2)

- Audit the effective of lean tools implementation

- Actual & Target comparison / Gap analysis

2 Days

Result evaluation and next step planning

- Celebration team

- Next step for lean enterprise

1 Day